Incubator, Memmert IFE 400

Bestelnummer: 102603401

Exterior dimensions
Width (mm) 550
Height incl. feet (mm) 680
Depth, excl. door handle 38mm (mm) 480
Interior dimensions
Width (mm) 400
Height (mm) 400
Depth (mm) 330
Interior volume, approximate (L) 53
Number of grids, stainless steel 2
Weight, empty (kg) 43
Ventilation and Control
Forced air ciruclation by quiet air turbine
Continuous adjustment of pre-heated fresh air mixture
Integrated digital timer for tempering profile with max. 4 segments
'Loop' function to repeat profile 1-99 times or endless
Ditigtal display (LED) of all set parameters
Resolution of display for set value and actual value 0.10 °C
Temperature data
Temperature range (°C) (however, at least 10° C above ambient) 30 - 70
Electrical data
Power rating, during heating (W) 800